Peter Joynt: I’m in a band with a 14-year-old music prodigy

In April 2018, I visited Fisher Park Summit Alternative School in Ottawa. It was one of the 150 presentations I’ve done at city schools to promote positivity, self-acceptance, and resilience in students. There, I met Pei Pilgrim, a 14-year-old singer that writes and sings like a veteran of the game.

I never set out to be a motivational speaker. I started out as a rapper, but a rapper with something unique—a stutter. My speech impediment comes across quite noticeably… Continue reading

Pei & The Joynt Release New EP

Pei and The Joynt have released their debut EP. It is now available on all digital music platforms. The EP is a follow up to their debut single “Loving This Feeling,” and features three other new songs. The two met after Peter, visited Pei’s school in Ottawa to give a motivational speech about anti-bullying, resiliency, and music. Inspired by his presentation, the 13-year singer and multi-instrumentalist reached out to Peter to get some music advice. It took only a quick sampling of Pei’s work to prompt The Joynt to suggest they collaborate on a song. Be sure to follow along at


Peter Joynt Reaches 150 School Visits

April 26, 2019 marked a special day for Peter Joynt. He did his 150th school talk! It was at Glashan Public School’s symposium on mental health. He shared the keynote address with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, then went on to lead two workshops and close out the event with a live performance.

The milestone was a big one for Peter, who used to do high school presentations one-on-one with a teacher because of how badly he stuttered. Now, he speak to hundreds of people on a regular basis. What once was a hardship is now a tool. Congratulations Peter!

OTTAWA CITZEN: An unlikely hometown duo team up to write Ottawa's song of the summer

Not all songs of summer are massive hits; sometimes they are smaller songs that won’t go platinum but have the aesthetic, musical qualities of a summer song. And like many of summer’s quiet pleasures — raspberries, fresh mint, and mosquito bites — sometimes a song of the summer comes from your own backyard. One such song might be Loving this Feeling, a new song by the cross-generational duo of Ottawa musicians....continue reading the Ottawa Citizen Article

CBC NEWS: Unlikely collaboration sparks Ottawa's song of the summer

When Ottawa rapper Peter Joynt visited Pei Pilgrim's school in April to share his personal story of overcoming obstacles and remaining resilient in the face of adversity, he didn't just inspire the 13-year-old — he planted the seed for an unlikely collaboration that would spark Ottawa's song of the summer. Joynt, a.k.a. The Joynt, is best known for his lyrical tributes to his hometown and its hockey team, the Ottawa Senators.…Keep reading the CBC News article. Or listen to the CBC Radio Interview with Peter and Pei.

OTTAWA MAGAZINE: “Loving this Feeling” showcases Peter Joynt, 13-year-old Pei Pilgrim, and the old Harmer Street Bridge

Earlier this year, local musician Peter Joynt visited Fisher Park Summit Alternative School. It was one of the 130+ motivational presentations he’s done at schools in his city to promote positivity and resilience in students. There, he met Pei Pilgrim. Peter never set out to be a motivational speaker. He started out as a rapper – but a rapper with a stutter....Keep reading the Ottawa Magazine article.

The Joynt Cuts ALL IN Stinger for Sens 2017 Playoff Run

The Joynt put together a 30-second stinger track for the Sens 2017 Playoff Run. He invited scratch specialist, DJ So Nice to scratch some of Joynt’s vocals into the track. The result is a high-intensity banger that gets played between stoppages at Sens’ home playoff games at the Canadian Tire Centre. Be sure to listen to ALL IN and download it for free! Or watch the video on YouTube.  

Peter Joynt Writes and Raps Again for Innovapost

In his day job, Peter Joynt works for Innovapost, the IT services provider for Canada Post. As a member of the Communication team, Peter writes, films and produces videos for his company. In his latest video, Peter went all out to promote Innovapost’s NOVA employee recognition program. This year’s video was launched during all all-employee meeting at a movie theatre on March 8, 2017. It features a parody of Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic, some thrilling film trailers, and an Innovapost rap Young MC’s Bust a Move. Check out the NOVA Award Video.

Peter Joynt Receives Kindness Award

Ottawa’s Kindness Week 2017 kicked off on February 17th at Accora Centre with several local politicians and spiritual leaders in attendance. Peter was asked to be part of the launch event to talk about the work he does in local schools.  After finishing his performance, he was asked to stay on stage, where he received a Kindness Award, honouring him for inspiring kindness in his community. The award was a surprise to Peter, as his family and friends appeared from behind a curtain and looked on. 

Peter Joynt Interviewed on TSN 1200 Sports Radio

Peter Joynt joined TSN 1200’s The Drive on January 10th to talk about his relationship with the Sens, his music career & his new song 25 & Always (Sens 25th Anniversary Song). Peter even surprised hosts Ian Mendes and Shawn Simpson with a rap he’d written for their show. Have a listen to the 20-minute TSN 1200 interview

The Joynt Releases “25 & Always” for Sens 25th Anniversary

Just like that, the Ottawa Senators are 25 years old. The NHL organization asked Peter to write a song to celebrate the milestone. His new track, 25 & Always, was released at the January 7th Sens game, where he performed it live for all those at the Canadian Tire Centre. The video, which Peter produced himself, will play at all Sens home games for the duration of 2017. This mark’s Peter’s sixth song for the Ottawa Senators since 2012. Watch the video on YouTube and download the song for free!

“SQUAD LIKE THIS” Latest Sens Song from The Joynt

The Joynt is at it again - working with the Ottawa Senators!  The Sens organization has asked Peter to write two songs for the upcoming season. His latest video for SQUAD LIKE THIS will be played at Senators home games until the end of 2016. That’s when his new song, 25 AND ALWAYS, a Senators 25th anniversary song, will take its place and play until early 2018. The Joynt is excited to be working with his favourite team again. Watch the video on YouTube and download the song for free!

Peter Joynt Writes ‘Work Rap’ for Innovapost

In his day job, Peter Joynt works for Innovapost, the IT services provider for Canada Post. As a member of Innovapost’s Communication team, Peter produces videos for his company. In his latest video, Peter went all out to promote Innovapost’s NOVA employee recognition program. He kicks it off with a parody of Adele’s Hello and then moves into a remix of Omi’s Cheerleader. Have a look at the NOVA Cheerleader video

Peter Joynt - “A Stuttering Success Story”

Peter Joynt has beaten the odds on many occasions. His lottery wins have been impressive, but none have been more significant than overcome a speech impediment to make his mark as an MC and motivational speaker Algonquin College’s Glue Magazine does a great job breaking it all down in the article A Stuttering Success Story.  

Peter Joynt Performs live at the CTC

Peter Joynt was invited to perform live in back to back performances at the Canadian Tire Centre. On December 30, 2015, he performed prior to a Sens game versus the New Jersey Devils. He then performed the following day at center ice as part of the Sens Skills Competition. Check out the pics from the event in the Joynt’s gallery, or watch The Joynt’s pre-game performance on SensTV. 


In early 2014, Peter Joynt was approached by RogersTV to be the subject of a mini documentary. Peter graciously accepted the invitation and was filmed by Todd Cameron over the course of several days in March 2014. Todd captured Peter in the studio, speaking at schools, and merely hanging out. The documentary first aired on RogersTV on December 31, 2014 and has since played regularly on the station. Almost a year later, the video was officially released on YouTube for all to see. Check out Feel Good on YouTube.


Peter had the opportunity to do an extensive Q&A with local newspaper, Kitchissippi Times. In the article, he talks about his latest project with the Ottawa Senators and his creative process in writing the song.

For more, check out Lighting Up the Big Screen with Musician and Motivational Speaker, Peter Joynt. 


The Joynt is working with the Ottawa Senators again. His new song and video, THIS IS IT (Go Sens Go), debuted at the Sens home opener on Oct. 11, 2015. Peter both wrote the song and produced the video for the NHL club. The video will play regularly during games at the Canadian Tire Center the 2015-2016 hockey season. The chorus of the song features kids from local schools. Joynt recorded the samples when visiting various local schools as part of the #NoMoreBullies Tour. Watch the video on and download the song for free!

The Joynt Releases New Feel Good Video

Peter Joynt’s latest music video is a Feel Good affair, incorporating footage from his many school speaking visits with the #NoMoreBullies tour and his solo appearances. The song itself is inspired by his speaking engagements, having visited some 50 schools in the last year to talk about rapping, stuttering, and being positive. Check out Feel Good, and take a look inside the gyms and auditoriums where Peter has spoken, as well as a candid look inside the studio where Peter recorded the track. Watch Feel Good


The Joynt will be performing and leading a workshop at Ottawa’s Hip-Hop festival, House of Paint on September 6. Peter will be speaking to kids and onlookers about rapping, stuttering, and being positive. His set will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the seeds tent, located at the main event location under the Dunbar Bridge (where Bronson crosses the Rideau River at Carleton University & Brewer Park). For more about House of Paint, check out the HoP Website. 

The Joynt to Play Hintonburg Happening June 21 at 7pm

The Joynt will be headlining Hintonburg’s newest festival, the Hintonburg Happening, on Saturday, June 21st with a 7:00pm set at Somerset Square. The Hintonburg Happening is a nine day art, music, fashion and food festival that celebrates what makes Hintonburg unique.  The Festival launches on June 21 at Somerset Square, followed by eight days of Happening Events.  Twenty-one exhibits, demonstrations and other events will take place from June 21 to 29.  Read the Ottawa Citizen article or check for the full schedule.

The Joynt Writes New Theme Song for RogersTV

The Joynt has written a new theme song for RogersTV. The song, titled ‘This is Our Community,’ will be the new station identifier for Rogers’ 2013-2014 season. There is both a summer and a winter version of the video. Peter wrote the song after being approached by the TV station to produce one of his pro-Ottawa works. The song is accompanied by a video that will be played regularly on RogersTV, and in advertising spots on other major networks. Watch the Summer version or the Winter version.

The Joynt Featured by Kitchissippi Times for Sharing Story at Elmdale Public School

Peter Joynt, the Kitchissippi native who spends much of his life in the spotlight as a rapper, motivational speaker and creative writer, has come a long way since his childhood days at Elmdale Public School. Joynt made headlines with his Ottawa hip hop anthem Capcity, and more recently has been spending his mornings at local elementary schools talking to kids about how they can live positive lives. Blending rap music with the inspirational story of his own life, Joynt is teaching young people that anything can be accomplished  Read the whole article.

The Joynt on CBC News for Anti-Bullying Talks at Local School

Peter Joynt returned to Elmdale Public School, his elementary school, on November 21, 2013 to talk to students about stuttering, rapping and bullying. The story aired that night on CBC News. Peter visited 5 schools in 5 days that week in conjunction with Bullying Awareness Week in Ontario. Check out the CBC News Coverage.

Ottawa Magazine Covers Joynt’s Contribution to #NoMoreBullies Tour

MC Peter Joynt — you likely know him from his love-letter rap to Ottawa — has a stutter and says he was teased about it as a kid, but not in a really bad way. “I was a pretty big kid, so it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been. Only the brave would really bully me when I was younger,” the 34-year-old recalls. Now that he’s all grown up, he still gets teased about his stutter — in ways that are perhaps not openly menacing, but come off as obtuse all the same. Read the full article.

‘What I Do' Video & Interview Featured on Apt613

Ottawa rapper The Joynt just released the music video for his anti-bullying song “What I Do”. It’s possibly the most inspirational rap music video the city has seen in a while. A rapper who stutters in his normal speech but interestingly does not stutter when he raps, Peter Joynt has been giving talks at local schools about stuttering and what it takes to get by being different. Read the full article. 

The Joynt Front & Centre in Ottawa Tourism Video

Ottawa Tourism released a crowd-sourced video promoting the city in February 2013. However, not all of the video was crowd-sourced. Ottawa Tourism reached out to Peter early on in the production process and asked him to get involved. He was asked to play the “Ottawa Is Proud” part of the video, after his relentless promotion of Ottawa. He also appears in a Senators picture and at the end in the “Ottawa is Friendly” scene.  Have a look at Our Ottawa - Your Ottawa on Youtube.

The Joynt Drops Sens Anthem For 2013 Season

The Joynt is back working with the Ottawa Senators hockey club. Peter was asked to write another track for the Sens’ 2013 season, for which he produced Ready For More. The song was written and produced by Peter, and features cuts by DJ SoNice. The video premiered at the Sens home game on January 30, 2013 and will be played every home game this season. Watch it on SensTV or Youtube, and check out the METRO NEWS ARTICLE about the song and how it almost didn’t happen due to a hard drive crash.

The Joynt among Citizen’s best in Ottawa Music for 2012

The story of the year in Ottawa music is hip hop. It’s expanding in measures of quality, quantity and variety, and it dominates my year-end list of great songs from Ottawa musicians in 2012…But hip hop came first on my personal play list of local music in the past year, with high points from Philly Moves, Zoo Legacy, Atherton, Missing Linx, Crack Moses, and even the gee-whiz rap of Peter Joynt, who’s been heard city-wide with his all-ages odes to the capital city and its (now idle) NHL team. <Read the whole article> 

Latest Joynt Video gets Ottawa Talking

The Joynt’s latest video, ‘Product of my Placement,’ was filmed and produced by Peter Joynt, and includes aerial footage from Ottawa Tourism. As The Joynt put it - “You’ve never seen the city like this,” which prompted a number of news outlets to write about the video. 

Ottawa Sun / Metro News / Hip-Hop Canada

THE JOYNT TALKS SKATEBOARDS, RAPPING, AND STYLE IN OTTAWA MAGAZINEOttawa Magazine catches up with the producer, musician, and MC in the Summer print edition and asks him about his style — musical and otherwise. You can see pictures of Peter’s vintage skateboard collection, and hear what he’s working on music wise. Lots of cool stuff on the horizon, including a new album due out in the Fall of 2012. 

Check out the Ottawa Magazine Interview by Travis Boisvenue. Photos by Tobin Grimshaw.

Ottawa rapper wins big on Roll up the Rim

Sat Mar. 10 2012 - - Rappers often boast about all the cars their money can buy, but how many can say they won one from a cup of coffee?  Ottawa's Peter Joynt, whose song Capcity piqued the city's attention in the fall of 2011, won one of 40 Toyota Camrys available from Tim Horton's Roll up the Rim contest Friday. "I rolled up the rim, saw I won then my heart started pounding," he said. "I yelled 'I won a Camry!' - Read the full article.  

Also, read the Metro News article about the car presentation ceremony.

Ottawa Magazine Gives Shout-Out to The Joynt for Selling “Brand Ottawa"

The Joynt got a nice shout-out in the April 2012 issue of Ottawa Magazine. He was included in a list of other talented artists for having pitched in to sell people on the city of Ottawa. Not only did The Joynt get quoted in the article, but artist Michael Zeke Zavacky included a caricature of him in the title image. The article can be found on Ottawa Magazine’s website



The Joynt released his video for The Proposal on December 15. The song was used to propose to Peter’s now-fiancée. The whole event was captured using a hidden camera, and hidden microphones. Watch  to end and get a glimpse of what happened the day of the proposal. Peter Simpson, The Ottawa Citizen's Arts & Entertainment editor, wrote about it on the Citizen Website

The Joynt Cuts New Capcity Video for OTTAWA SENATORS 2012 Playoff Run

After writing a song for the regular season, Peter Joynt has written a new song and cut a video for the Ottawa Senators’ 2012 playoff run. The song is set to the original Capcity beat, but features new game footage and a new verse detailing the Sens’ exciting rise to Stanley Cup contention. “They said ‘rebuild, rebuild, because you’re gonna come last.’ – Teams dream they could do it this fast!” To hear more lines, check the out Capcity Sens Playoff Mix Video. Download the track for free here.

The Joynt Makes Front Page News for “Capcity” Video 

The city was buzzing with talk of the The Joynt’s new Capcity video. Amongst other publications, he was featured on the cover of the Ottawa Citizen on November 2, 2011. His tribute to Ottawa earned him an email from Mayor, Jim Watson; interest from the Ottawa Senators and other organizations, as well as huge press from the blogosphere and beyond.

Check out the Ottawa Citizen Article or the story on CBC News.

The Joynt Featured in Ottawa at Home Magazine 

Peter Joynt and his fiancée, Marjorie Cole, were featured in the Fall 2011 “art issue” of Ottawa at Home Magazine. The article focuses on their passion for original art, Peter’s vintage skateboard collection, and his music. More specifically, with respect music, it talks about Peter’s stutter, and his recent Proposal song. Read the online version of the Ottawa at Home article for the full story.