The Joynt is:

Peter Joynt – an MC, producer, and public speaker from Ottawa, Canada. The Joynt has been rhyming for two decades. He is known for a distinctively strong style and energetic live show. One intriguing fact about Peter is that he stutters quite noticeably in conversation, yet it disappears when he performs. It’s one of the many interesting characteristics that sets him apart as an artist and performer.

The Joynt made waves in November 2011, when he released the single Capcity – a love song about Ottawa. The video went viral and landed Peter on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen. The news story was broadcast nationwide on radio and television, and brought considerable attention to the Joynt’s music. He has since worked on projects for organizations like the Ottawa Senators, RogersTV and Ottawa Tourism. He has also performed for distinguished individuals such as the Governor General of Canada.

Peter graduated from Carleton University in 2004 with an arts degree in Economics. He currently works in communications for the IT company, Innovapost, and devotes his spare time to writing music and making videos. Peter is also active in the community as a public speaker. He speaks regularly to various organizations and to kids at local schools about rapping, stuttering, bullying, and resiliency. He has spoken to over 130 local schools and other organizations. To book Peter for a speaking engagement, please contact